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The following University of Missouri-Columbia departments offer courses pertinent to Linguistic students. Select courses in these departments may count toward Linguistics credit. Students interested in Linguistics and courses in other departments should consult with their advisors.


Interested Anthropology and other graduate students may minor in Linguistics. Linguistics is a integral component of ethnographic research. More information may be found in the Degrees section


In the Department of Communication, students learn to apply the study of communication to their professional and personal lives. Students may receive a BA, MA, or PhD through this department.

Communication Science and Disorders

The discipline of Communication Science and Disorders (CSD) encompasses the field of speech, language, and hearing science and the distinct but related professions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Students may receive a BA, MA, or PhD through this department.


The English department offers MA and PhD degrees with an emphasis in English Language and Linguistics.


Linguistics majors benefit by taking courses offered by the Philosophy Department. Specific courses, such as Phil 2700: Mathematical Logic, count as a Linguistics credit.

Psychological Sciences

Psychology undergraduate and graduate students interested in linguistics should consult their respective advisors for coursework specific to their interests. Likewise, linguistics students should do the same.

Romance Languages and Literatures

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers a MA with an emphasis on Language Teaching (MALT). Contact the department for more information.


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