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Nancy Evans
Major: Linguistics

I'm interested in the way language relates to cultures worldwide. I foresee using my degree to aid me in my Christian mission work. A focus on Bible translation is another possibility.

Kirra Jones
Major: Linguistics

I started at the University as a biology major. It was the interest in analysis and my inquisitive nature, which had first fueled my interested for medicine, that led me to linguistics. I feel that through the study of linguistics I will enrich my knowledge of my second language, Spanish, as well as my first language, English. As we work toward a global economy and a more diverse country, I feel I will be well served by developing the skills and thinking processes involved in linguistics.

Amanda McIntosh
Major: Linguistics

I plan on researching lesser-known dialects. I'm president of the student organization for alternative religions, Sacred Ways of Earth. I volunteer at Rock Bridge State Park.

Gretchen Orwig
Majors: Linguistics and Spanish

Gretchen is a dual major in Linguistics and Spanish who is destined to graduate in May. She loves words, but hates writing autobiographies.

John Perdue
Majors: Linguistics and French

I'm John Perdue. I was born and raised in Waynesville, a small town in the Missouri Ozarks, and have lived there all my life. Throughout high school I was involved in both the drama club and the high school concert and chamber choirs. Languages have been my favorite academic subject since I began studying french. I'm majoring in Linguistics and French, and I hope to translate literature into these and other languages.

Elena Ransom
Major: Linguistics

I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine and I came to this university from National Technical University of Ukraine as a transfer student. Previously, I studied linguistics in Ukraine for three years with a specialization in translation. I am fluent in four languages: two are from my region - Ukrainian and Russian and the two others are German and English.

Nelly Rey
Major: Linguistics

I am an exchange student coming from France to study at MU. When leaving in May, I will graduate in linguistics in my home university in Lyon. I'm 22; I usually live in the south of France. I like reading, cinema, the color green and chocolate.

Severine Wernert
Major: English

I am an exchange student from France. In France, I studied in Strasbourg in the northeast. In my English major, I am studying linguistics, especially of the English language. I came to the United States to improve my own spoken English and learn more about American culture. I really enjoy my stay here!

Jennifer Young Smith
Majors: Linguistics and History

I was first introduced to linguistics when taking Anthropological Linguistics. That class sparked my interest in language and culture. My favorite linguistics class was Social and Regional Dialects of American English . I am primarily interested in sociolinguistics, especially language and gender. I am also interested in the ways language affects politics. I am now a graduate student at MU.


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